Brainwave Entrainment

There’s a pharmaceutical-free approach to improve mental health, to increase relaxation and your overall well-being.

Experience the transformative power of Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), a remarkable technique that employs pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently guide your brain into various brainwave patterns. Through the manipulation of these frequencies, you have the extraordinary ability to uplift your mood, enhance your sleep quality, sharpen your cognitive abilities, and achieve a heightened state of relaxation – all effortlessly facilitated by our specialized instrumentation. Our brainwave entrainment solution offers effective support for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seasonal affective disorder (SAD), TMJ, as well as academic and sports performance. Delve into the fascinating science behind audio-visual brainwave entrainment and its incredible potential to transform your life. Join our thriving global community and become a part of the Enerchi Group phenomenon. Contact us today for a journey towards holistic well-being!

Unlock Your Brain’s Potential with Brainwaves

Discover the fascinating world of audio-visual brainwave entrainment (AVE) and how it can revolutionize your life. By monitoring and analyzing rhythmic neural activities known as ‘brainwaves,’ we gain valuable insights into our mental states and potential.

Using an Electroencephalography (EEG) test, which measures electrical brainwave activity, we can explore the impact of different brainwave frequencies on our alertness and overall well-being. Each brainwave category offers unique effects depending on your desired level of arousal or relaxation.

Brainwaves not only indicate the level of activity in specific brain regions but also shed light on the type of mental engagement we experience. When fully alert and focused, waves such as delta, theta, and alpha are minimized, while beta takes the lead. As we enter a state of relaxation, alpha waves begin to surge, bringing forth a sense of calmness. By reaching deeper levels of relaxation, with closed eyes, theta waves become dominant. Finally, as sleep takes over, delta waves sweep in, occasionally accompanied by sensori-motor rhythm (SMR) to prevent sleep-walking.

Your Brain matters

We guide our clients through Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment sessions using a highly professional, and effective equipment. Depending on the symptom or disorder, we can usually measure changes after three or four 30 minute sessions.
During these sessions we also measure changes in brain activity, heart/brain coherence and heart rate variability (HRV).


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