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A state of optimal functioning

Coherence is a natural state or situation in which all the parts or ideas fit together well so that they form a united whole.

What is heart coherence?

The human body doesn’t discriminate between a BIG stress or a little one. Regardless of the significance, stress affects the body in predictable ways. We train people and organizations to increase their resilience and performance, by implementing tools, techniques and technology developed by the Institute of HeartMath. Research has proven that this method reduces stress and helps you gain more balance, fulfillment, health and well-being.

Science has shown that breathing into the heart centre, while activating positive emotions can result in clarity, health, and performance. In a coherent state, the body, mind and spirit are synchronized in a symphony of wellness. Individuals can achieve increased personal coherence by learning to consistently regulate their emotions from an intuitive, internal reference point.

Heart rate variability

There are 40,000 neurons present in the semi-autonomous system of the heart. These neurons are closely linked to the emotional brain and jointly they create a “heart-brain system.” The heart plays a vital role in this system. Through direct training of the heart, we can train our emotions too. The main aim of heart coherence is to tame our cardiac rhythm, so that it enters a condition of “coherence.” This condition comprises of healthy and improved heart rate variability as opposed to “chaos”, which has decreased healthy variability, as is its usual pattern. The conditions, reduced heart rate variability and chaos, occur in a state of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and anger. It is also a prominent forecaster of many medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and sometimes even death.

Studies show that when the technique of cardiac coherence is practiced regularly, it can benefit a person by the way of improvement in health, thought process, intellectual functioning, emotional stability and can help cope better with the challenges at home and workplace.

The rhythm of a healthy heart—even under resting conditions—is actually surprisingly irregular, with the time interval between consecutive heartbeats constantly changing. This naturally occurring beat-to-beat variation in heart rate is called heart rate variability (HRV).

Benefits of Coherence

Improvements in mental & emotional well-being in over 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

50% drop in fatigue
46% drop in anxiety
60% drop in depression
24% improvement in ability to focus
30% improvement in sleep

We scientifically monitor your emotional and physical health,
and help you to improve it.