Colloidal Silver 2 oz Spray


Price in Canadian dollars. High-quality pure Colloidal Silver, 20 ppm, produced from 99.99% certified pure silver and carefully structured water – 2 oz/60 ml spray bottle. NOTE: Can only be shipped within Canada!

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Our colloidal silver is of the highest quality and prepared using the latest technology for the finest particle size. We carefully structure distilled water, and over a period of 24 hours, pure silver is being dissolved in the structured water, which give our Colloidal Silver the highest potency. Our product comes in an amber bottle with handy spray nozzle.

Effective use for:
Skin infection - Cold & Flu - Sinus infection - Tooth/gum infections - Throat ailments - Fungus/mold - Respiratory infections - Vaginal infections - Diarrhea - Pet health - Water purification - Pink eye.

99.9% Certified Pure Silver
Structured Distilled Water
Free of additives


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