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Cool Down Meditation – Vol. 1


Cool Down Meditation Album. Price in Canadian dollars.

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Volume 1 of the new brain wave coherence meditations - Cool Down - has been created and recorded for ENERCHI Group by Dirk Terpstra.

After our successful two Heart Coherence Meditation albums, this brand new brainwave coherence meditation (20 mins) allows you to go much deeper into a new dimension.

We live in extraordinary times which requires an extraordinary approach for us to evolve and explore other dimensions of reality, which are immediately available to us. The only effective way to make this transition is to become still, tune our brain to a Theta (4Hz) frequency, which allow us to transcend time and space in which we slip into a different state of consciousness. This is the exact reason why we designed and recorded Cool Down—It’s the gateway to our desired way of living.

This new 20 minute Cool Down meditation, which is partially guided by Dirk Terpstra, uses binaural beats and other audio techniques to synchronize the left and right sides of the brain, promoting deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness. In this state, you are no longer aware of your physical body and you therefore transcend your programmed self and merge with the unified field in which you have access to everything.

When using Cool Down, it’s important to find a quiet space free from distractions. You will need to use headphones or earbuds to fully immerse yourself in the binaural beats and music used in the meditation.

You can safely pay online, and immediately download the album to your computer.

After downloading the tracks, drag the tracks to eg. iTunes and then sync them with your smart phone. Use headphones or earbuds while listening.

By purchasing the current item, you agree that you will use the meditation responsibly. The effects of this unique meditation will bring your body in an altered state, and you should only listen to the tracks when in a safe space.


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