Elite Deep Mine Shungite Piece


Price in Canadian dollars. This is a Type I, deep mine, Elite Shungite piece.
Each piece is highly unique. Length: 30-35 mm, width: 20-25 mm, thickness: 15-19 mm

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Elite Shungite is a very rare mineral. It has strong healing properties because its high content of fullerenes. Elite Shungite also called noble or grade 1 Shungite.

From a scientific point of view, Elite Shungite is strictly a silver/black rich looking stone with a non-crystalline surface. It has a slightly metallic smooth surface embedded with a mineral totalling 90 to 99% weight of organic carbon. The scientific hardness of the stone is registered at 3.5. This, scientifically, qualifies it as a high grade of Elite Shungite.

Shungite EMF protection is a reality, because of its complicated matrix of carbon, it traps the EMFs and absorbs it, taking it away from your body. It will continue to protect your body when you are unknowingly, or knowingly exposed to EMFs that, over a prolonged time, can cause health problems.

It can also cleanse your body from EMF already stored in your body from past exposure. Shungite EMF protection is a solution to some of the illnesses caused by being around your computer 24 hours a day, and those who work in a radiation related field like hospital radiation departments.

Our Shungite products are made of one of the most amazing minerals in the world, directly sourced from the Karelian mine in Russia and certified by the government.

Be aware: There's a lot of fake Shungite online available.


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