Scalar energy –
the language of your

“What’s amazing is that the shape of scalar waves is quite similar
to the helical structure of DNA.” – Nikola Tesla

Enerchi Group presents the research of Dr. Glen Rein, a quantum biologist, who has conducted experiments revealing that scalar waves have a positive impact on the immune and nervous systems, regardless of an individual’s belief systems. Each cell in the human body functions optimally within a range of 70–90 millivolts, and when cellular energy falls below this threshold, disease and aging can occur. Notably, the human body contains crystalline structures in its cell walls, capable of retaining a charge. These scalar waves bear a resemblance to the helical structure of DNA, which Quantum Mechanical models suggest can store and transmit biological information. This discovery suggests that scalar energy has the potential to imprint itself in DNA, further deepening our understanding of its influence.

Healing support

Our bodies have an innate ability to constantly self-heal, but sometimes disease or dysfunction can take hold before our immune system, the body’s first line of defense, has a chance to fully act with its protective hormones, enzymes, and cells. Regardless of the state of our immune system, the transportation of vital substances to our tissue cells can become blocked or inefficient, leading to illness in the affected area. Sluggish lymphatic circulation can occur when our body is unable to effectively handle normal metabolic substances, including tissue proteins from viral, bacterial, and cancer-related damage. Enerchi Group focuses on the natural scalar waves present in our bodies, known as bio-scalar waves. While these scalar energy waves do not flow like traditional waves, they do occupy space and increase in spatial mass. When the space they occupy is sufficient, they expand outward in circular patterns, similar to ripples in a pond. This expansion directly influences our body’s fluid systems, including blood and lymphatic circulation. Lab tests have demonstrated that red and white blood cells tend to stick together during times of illness, injury, or poor health. At Enerchi Group, we harness the power of bio-scalar wave energy to support the body’s natural healing processes and promote overall well-being.

According to the famous Max Planck Institute in Germany, the scalar
energy un-sticks the cells. Circulation is remarkably improved in lymphatic
and blood systems to flow smoothly. A healthy flow of bodily fluid systems
promote healing.


This is the easiest way of applying healing Scalar energy.
It’s a quick set-up, and this enables your system to fully absorb the pure scalar wave energy – including your bones and vertebrae, while you relax.


The Scalar signal can be enhanced by adding a substance in the field. The molecules within the sample will change the signal, and your system gets the curative effect of the chemical. The substance can be essential oils or drugs.


Add more healing effects to the Scalar waves by using Rife Modulation. It combines the discoveries of Raymond Royal Rife with Nicola Tesla. It turns this device into the world’s most advanced and fastest Rife machine.

The scalar field is ready.
Are you?

The possibilities to help your body align and heal are limitless.
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